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04:44pm 08/01/2007
Yes I know; good things don't last forever...

So here I am, catching up on everything. Brilliant discovered in the mistletoe. So sorry to miss it.

Back to reality

Back from London, friends, their lovely new flat in Clapham, food food food and cozy restaurants and cafés, lattes with soya milk, (too many) pints, Old Compton Street and gay life (well lots of gay life in my own city too), sales (not  -much- the consumer type, I am), beautiful Professionals locations, 1 Pros DVD (old one, 4 eps. I’ve got the whole series on DVD but...not the “useless” consumer type, I am) and the best thing: 3 Annuals!!!
Bad luck: our friend Sean couldn’t find his Lewis Collins autographed photo; his big and messy house. He’s still looking for it (I hope).
No cemeteries this time… mmm… strange… (I know, I know… I love cemeteries)
About locations: we visited again Cliff road. Very special place. Love Hunter Hunted. I can imagine them living there. My fab flat.

New places: Cowley’s house in Backtrack: Ranelagh Gardens, Putney. The lovely flirting scene of the lads complaining about the early time while waiting Cowley.  I like Putney, the area, the bridge; delicious breakfast there. We “shot” an old man leaving the building. He asked us: is it because of me? Too shy to ask him about the Professionals.

Cowley’s house in Need to know, Ennismore Gardens Mews. Is this street really in central London???

Royal Albert Hall, of course (ad of a Michael Bolton concert: :o !!! there? Not joking???)

Thurloe Square corner (famous Bodie gorgeous shots). Silly girls running like Bodie (he runs like a girl, doesn’t he?)

Ravenscourt Park, Involvement. Nice walk, quite small, lovely and full of children park. Can’t remember the “beauty” Ann Holly but I remember sexy Ray leaving her there to meet his Bodie. The ducks were there as well, very friendly and still “uneaten”. The park entrance, from where Bodie calls Ray is so small. Are you sure this is the gate? Yes! Always happens to me; I imagine things bigger than they really are.

Spy Probe: the three inches Capri incident!!! In Doneraile Street, near Putney. Narrow street, the same “not big enough” impression.

 It’s only a beautiful picture, their Soho search. Great Soho! I know very well the streets where they’re walking (one of them the short, extra narrow -and peep show clubs onl- walk from Berwick street to Brewer St.  And Trafalgar Square: have you seen the holding hands screen cap of them in the Square??? I can’t find it right now but I’ll look for it.

More locations: Camden Lock, peaceful coffee afternoons (no crazy weekends market), Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath (as usual).

Small dose locations, no hurry, pleasantly, enjoying and breathing… very nice.
Flying back home: plane incident. I don’t scare easily but when we’re going to take off, maximum speed, the plane braked sudden and abruptly. Two times. We lost stability but the pilot could finally control the plane. He told us that there was a technical problem and bla bla bla… after long waiting minutes the plane had to come back to its hangar to be checked. I thought: one more day in London. Sadly we could fly back home after nearly three hours.
Curious: There was a (very handsome) English boy flying with us, seating next to me. I was reading my Professionals Annuals during the flight. When the plane landed he asked: do you know the Professionals? I can’t believe it! I thought you were British. And he turned to his friends, two nice English girls: they know the Professionals!!! The last thing I heard was him saying: I can’t remember the Professionals title theme.

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10:43am 09/01/2007 (UTC)
blackmushroom: Bodie camp

We did more locations last September. This time we just wanted to visit 3 or 4 places more; nothing previously planned out, non-stress. Our locations tours are quite familiar, non ambitious, excuses to know different parts of London, walk around and talk about Bodie & Doyle all the time. With funny, exciting and silly moments too. Some people has done amazing and very "professional" tour locations, incredible pictures, great comments and narrations. Our tour pics are too small, unimportant (though we enjoyed a lot taking them). I think that all the good locations shots have already been shown.

So glad to share my cemeteries passion with you. Each city I visit... Some people say that the cemetery in Servant of two masters is Brompton Cemetery. I think so. I've been several times there and I like it, specially in summertime (last Holiday Christmas 2005-06 I visited it and was so bloody freezing). I also love Kensal Green and Highgate Cemeteries, and the small ones. Curious; I used to go and enjoy walking around those places before knowing that they're professional locations. I'm sure I've stood in the same spot than Doyle or Bodie withour knowing it.

Let's run like a girl! I agree with you; our super macho Bodie...
picword: Bodie camp
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(no subject)
12:18pm 09/01/2007 (UTC)
Sounds as you had a lot of fun during the location visits :)

Did my (first) location tour also in September last year and spent 2 weeks almost only for visiting Pros places. Just shows how obsessed/crazy I am ;)

I went twice to Brompton, not sure if it's 'the one'. But as I'm back in London next month I'll have another look (with screencaps). Kensal Green is also worth a visit every time, love it.
Highgate is still on my list for 'to do's'in London.
I just can't walk past a cemeterie without having at least a short walk on it, dunno what that says of me *g*
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(no subject)
08:06pm 09/01/2007 (UTC)
blackmushroom: love song
I think that I know (and very well) your amazing September locations tour. Congratulations!!! OMG! it was incredible, specially the Kensal Green pics, the graveyards. Excellent works like yours make my "just for fun" mini locations tour a (too) modest contribution.
About Brompton cemetery, well my friend is the "professional" in that case, I'm still not sure. Maybe it has changed a lot, but, of course, the tombstones haven't. Good luck next month.
And don't worry; our cemeteries obsession make us happy???. In some weeks I'm going to Rome, long weekend, and a cemetery is on my top list.
Really love your tour. Happy to talk to you ;)
picword: love song
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