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Shelley and Rome  
01:30am 30/01/2007
Rome bella bellíssima. (And no Vatican. I'm a sinner. Hallelujah!!!)

I went to the Protestant Cemetery. 

So happy... dreams come true

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bye bye Kenny  
01:10am 30/01/2007
I killed Kenny...

Yesterday evening, just arrived from Rome. He was there and I wanted to see all the things I'd missed since last Wednesday.  I tried and tried and tried... no answer; he gave up. My beloved 6 years old PC Kenny doesn't want me anymore. I've lost everything!!! 
Writing these lines thanks to a borrowed laptop (Ok, my partner's). But, what about my large and absolutely fabulous collection of pictures of the lads, for example? More than 6 years sharing my obsessions with him... FUCK!!!

Sorry if I'm not very talkative next days...
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Et in italia Ego  
12:39am 24/01/2007
Long weekend; going to Rome!!!

I've never been there and I'm very excited. I wish I could go with the lads... Luckily no coaches and "sore bottoms". Flying on Thursday. Our good friend Elio, from Rome, will be our guide. Let's check out Roman gay night life!!!

And I'm so happy because one of my life dreams will come true; I'll visit P.B. Shelley's grave. He's buried in the beautiful Protestant Cemetery in Rome. John Keats is there as well. Shelley, his life, his free soul means a lot to me. I can't wait.
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Different ways of looking up  
09:55pm 23/01/2007



(not your birthday yet but: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!)

and for the millions of fun loving pervs who can't look up:

And it's true;

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Martin's birthday  
03:17pm 21/01/2007

Gorgeous 62

And now my little present:

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01:30am 20/01/2007
After the flu, a -not so- cosy sofa and an Academy Award Nomination for my stunning performance of "half the Zombie Girl I used to be", I'm back online. 
Several days without reading books, reading newspapers, reading pros slash, watching boring tv, drooling over pros dvds, no Internet, no music, no drawing, no myself, no life; Nothing. Dreams, and lot of Ray in them, I think so.

Sex after illness; strongly recommend. I'll read Flu by Sebastian again.

Meanwhile and almost 1 day early: 


Taste of beauty. Not the whole pic yet:

More to come very soon.
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New faces  
11:20pm 12/01/2007
First of all many thanks to shaw012145
Wonderful work. Love her pics and icons

I've been updating my photobucket space

You can find this (kind of middleaged) Bodie there:

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04:52pm 08/01/2007
I'm the proud owner of 5 Professionals Annuals. 

I found the last 3 in London (Camden lock and a cinema memorabilia shop in Soho).

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Back back back  
04:44pm 08/01/2007
Yes I know; good things don't last forever...

So here I am, catching up on everything. Brilliant discovered in the mistletoe. So sorry to miss it.

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London calling  
12:42am 28/12/2006
"London Calling"

London calling to the faraway towns
Now war is declared, and battle come down
London calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls...

Bye bye. HAPPY NEW YEAR! ! !

(Bad news: I'll come back soon)
I'll miss some of the lovely Discovered in the Mistletoe posts.

London, friends, New Year's Eve, sales,  Old Compton Street, Professionals, locations... LET'S GO ! ! !  ;D

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